Lynchpin is a market leader in Asian-based restructuring services providing top-level support and advice to issuers and their advisors. Having handled some of the most complex transactions in the region, we offer unique perspective and innovative solutions.

What We do

Fulfilling roles arising from court-supervised and consensual out-of-court debt restructurings, including:

  • Scheme-related Information, Balloting and Settlement Agent

  • Tender, Consent and Exchange Agent

  • Successor Trustee, Fiscal Agent and Paying Agent

  • Registrar, Transfer Agent, Conversion Agent

  • Administrative, Calculation and Distribution Agent

  • ISIN procurement and eligibility at clearing systems

Why us

We rise above the competition in our ability to advise on multiple aspects of any transaction. Our deep knowledge of the industry and attention to detail provides added value and enhances the services the advisors are able to offer the issuer. We go beyond the cookie cutter approach taken by many other industry players to offer specialized custom-tailored approaches to execution. We offer innovative solutions to complex problems and make seemingly impossible undertakings become a reality.