Financial Agency Services

Lynchpin has the operational and market knowledge to help navigate the most complex financial transactions with unparalleled service and the highest standard of execution.

Trust and agency roles arise in many aspects of corporate finance and restructuring alike. The field of service providers has become increasingly limited with many banks selling corporate trust portfolios and exiting the space entirely. Lynchpin has no lending relationships that can preclude us from acting on behalf of an issuer. As an independent and conflict-free service provider, we can quickly step in and act as successor agent in a variety of roles, ensuring a smooth transition and seamless service. Whatever the circumstances, Lynchpin is ready to provide tailor-made solutions that enable you to accomplish your financial initiative.

What We do

Serving in roles pertaining to trustee and agency roles:

  • Fiscal Agent

  • Successor Trustee

  • Paying Agent

  • Escrow Agent

  • Sunset/Residual Trustee

  • Administrative Agent

  • Distribution Agent

  • Registrar

  • Transfer Agent

  • Conversion Agent


Lynchpin provides efficient, cost-effective agency services that get the job done without all the red tape that working groups dread. Call us to discuss how we can help you.