Loan administration

Lynchpin can act as the facility agent on a new syndicated debt facility or club deal or as administrative agent in connection with a new or restructured loan. We can oversee drawdowns, calculate and direct payments of principal and interest, and provide cash management services.  

Lynchpin can manage the day-to-day administration of a debt facility as well as any cash management responsibilities that may arise. In the event a loan is in default, Lynchpin can handle the default administration, drafting notices and freeing up lenders' staff to focus on revenue-building activities rather than managing the debt.

What We do

Fulfilling roles relating to administration of secured and unsecured credit facilities:

  • Administrative Agent

  • Facility Agent

  • Cash Management Agent

  • Calculation Agent

  • Security/Collateral Trustee


Why us?

Loan administration encompasses a variety of responsibilities from the initial draw-down request by the borrower to calculating various payments, providing notices to other members of the syndicate to overseeing disbursements. Lynchpin keeps an accurate tab on all the responsibilities and ensures the process runs smoothly.