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Since 2004, Lynchpin has provided agency services to corporates and sovereigns in the Asia-Pacific region with a focus on restructuring of bonds clearing through Euroclear, Clearstream and DTC. We provide a full range of services from the planning stages through the final settlement and management of the restructured instruments (whether in the form of bonds or loans). 

As a licensed Trust Company Service Provider, Lynchpin can take on trustee and/or fiscal agency roles and other loan and trust administration responsibilities.  With a lengthy track record of successes, Lynchpin can help ensure the best execution of your next project. Lynchpin holds License No TC001444 under Section 53G of the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter Terrorist Financing Ordinance, Cap 615.

Lynchpin’s name derives from our unique ability to bring together and facilitate communications among all the parties involved in a restructuring transaction, including the issuer and its advisors, the clearing systems and custodians together with the bondholders, banks and creditors’ committees.

Lynchpin Key Team Members

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Elizabeth Wilson, Managing Director

Elizabeth is a capital markets lawyer with a background in corporate trust.  Having spent most of her career working in finance and default management, she is a bond restructuring specialist.  Elizabeth consults with investment bankers and issuers to help them analyze the areas of concern on any given transaction, identify potential issues and develop a strategy to succeed.  Having represented all sides including trustees, bondholder committees, issuers and underwriters, she has a thorough understanding of each party’s needs and can contribute a unique perspective to the process. 

Elizabeth previously worked in the Securities Practice Group of White & Case in both New York and Hong Kong representing BNY, Deutsche Bank and Citibank as trustees and facility agents.  In 2001, she joined the Legal and Compliance Group of UBS Warburg where she focused on primary issues for the debt capital markets group, foreign exchange defaults, and restructuring advisory.  Three years later, she opened the Hong Kong office of what is now Lynchpin Bondholder Management.

Over her career, Elizabeth has worked on numerous cross-border bond restructurings.  She came to Hong Kong in 2000 as counsel to the bondholders’ committee to work on the landmark restructuring for Guangdong Enterprise (Holdings).  At Lynchpin, she has worked extensively in Indonesia, Singapore and China on liability management transactions, bond defaults and special situations.  

Previously she worked in several areas of project finance including aircraft, drill ships, oil refineries, and shipyards, among others.  Earlier in her career she represented Citibank’s Institutional Recovery Management groups in credit agreement defaults and loan administration. She conducts seminars for law firms, accounting firms and banks to help introduce financial professionals to the mechanics of the clearing systems and the restructuring process. Elizabeth served as Asia At Large Director for the International Women’s Insolvency and Restructuring Confederation www.iwirc.com and is a past Board Member of the Hong Kong and Singapore Networks.

Greg Downes, Vice President | Head of Project Execution

As Head of Project Execution, Greg is responsible for all logistical aspects of restructuring initiatives from setting up corporate actions with the clearing systems, to locating bondholders, processing data, calculating entitlements, and preparing settlement instructions. He oversees the financial aspect of schemes and trust administrations, calculating complex pool factors and the distribution of assets under trust. He ensures that all projects are run smoothly from launch to settlement.

Greg is a qualified accountant with a background in financial management and administration, having headed up finance teams for international corporates including Thomson Reuters in Europe, and a private bank in Australia.

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Jessica Chung,
Manager | Project Management and administration

Jessica has worked for local and international corporates in communications and credit management and is highly skilled in data management. She has extensive experience in project and marketing campaigns from planning stages through execution.

At Lynchpin, Jessica undertakes data management, reconciliations, and analytical functions associated with projects and assists in liaising with bondholders and other parties involved in financial restructuring.

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