Lynchpin provides a complete range of agency and trust services for issuers in the debt capital and finance markets

Lynchpin specializes in assisting issuers in navigating restructuring and turn-around situations as well as new financings. Independent and agile, Lynchpin has the operational and market knowledge to help implement the most complex financial transactions with unparalleled service and the highest standards of execution.

Our Strength & Core Competencies

  • Skilled and experienced at crafting solutions to complex situations and contexts

  • Innovative in proposing and assisting with the implementation of new practices or methodologies to meet the evolving demands of issuers and clearing houses

Our Services are

What we do

  • We provide liability management services in connection with liability management transaction as well as new debt facilities. We serve as information agent, tender and consent agent, exchange agent, tabulation agent, settlement agent, administrative agent and facility agent.

  • We offer agency services in respect of loan facilities and security arrangements.

  • We provide value-added consultancy services in connection with bond restructuring for corporate issuers, sovereigns and quasi-governmental institutions.

  • We advise on operational services including interacting with clearing houses to ensure smooth operational execution, and provide one-stop service for all debt-related mandates.

Why choose us

Lower costs, conflict Free, experienced, flexible, commercial

  • We can quickly step in to a distressed situation, allowing existing agents to retire in a seamless transition.

  • We do not retain external counsel, saving significant costs for the issuer.

  • We are experienced in liability management transactions (whether implemented through schemes of arrangement or otherwise) and have developed a broad knowledge base through many years of project execution for a diverse range of clients throughout the APEC region.

  • We harness our technical expertise of clearing system procedures and in-depth knowledge of the distressed markets to offer the highest level of service and support to issuers and their advisors.

  • We offer well-established project management procedures and state of the art web services with encryption and masking to ensure the highest degree of confidentiality.

  • We provide real time reporting as often as the working group requires.

Our Position

We help bring together all parties to a bond restructuring, delivering advisory and operational services with timely and efficient execution.

Lynchpin’s pivotal role in Corporate Action events

Lynchpin’s pivotal role in Corporate Action events